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We are Acquision, a results-oriented digital marketing agency in Singapore with the best marketing talents who are stoked to partner with you through this journey.

We’ve worked with numerous big and small, international and local brands.

Why Partner with us?

Because we’ve been there.
Ian Ooi - Founder of Acquision Singapore
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Ooi Chuan Ian


Before founding Acquision, our founder had worked in the digital marketing industry for more than 5 years. But he found himself sick of how typical digital marketing agencies work. They promise great things but deliver no results.

They raise clients’ hopes but let them down. Sick of these unprofessional agencies and marketers, he turned to learn from the top digital marketers in the world. With the knowledge and skills he gained, he decided to step out and begin his own agency - Acquision

“We guarantee to beat your current ad performance and conversion rate.If we fail you, we don’t get paid. Period.”
Here are what our Clients say about us
buubees singapore
5 star review from Buubees singapore

I have been extremely impressed with the digital marketing campaigns run by Acquision. Their strategies have truly exceeded my expectations, resulting in a 4x increase in sales for my business. Their team is professional, knowledgeable, and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure our campaigns are a success. I highly recommend Acquision for anyone looking to boost their online presence and drive more sales.

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Royale Nails & Lashes
5 star review from Buubees singapore

I couldn't be happier with the results that Acquision has delivered for my business. Their digital marketing campaigns have not only generated a significant increase in sales, but also a 3x increase in the number of leads. The team at Acquision is incredibly skilled and knowledgeable, and they have been able to create highly effective campaigns that have helped me reach my target audience and grow my customer base.

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Moods Floor
5 star review from Buubees singapore

Being a noob in SEO & SEM, Ian have been super patient and provided us with strong support in assisting us to navigate our digital marketing strategies. It is imperative for the team to understand the mentality & needs of the client & pass this info forward. Although there were a few changes of hands throughout the years, Ian has been around since day 1 when we met up with the team. He has been extremely helpful and we are grateful for his assistance within & beyond his scope of work. Kudos to the team!

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