Landing Page Building/ Development

Designing High-Converting Funnels That Sells

Transform your landing page into a high converting sales machine.

What Is Landing Page

A landing page is a page that is designed to convert visitors into leads. Focusing on creating a relationship and providing value towards your product and services. Its main purpose is to convert visitors to leads in exchange for a desired offer or sale.

Effective landing pages are single web pages that have a single call to action. Having a great landing page is crucial as it allows you to nurture clients, capture more leads, resulting in an increased chance of converting to sales, and that’s what we’re providing to you today.

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How Can It Benefit You

Increased Conversions

Landing Pages provides focused and targeted messages for the user to take action. Mostly capturing email leads to nurture and warm leads, increasing the chances of conversions.

In-Depth Demographic Insight

Linking a landing page to specific ad campaigns, you can see what channel, keywords, audiences, and offering brings in the most leads. Understanding this type of insights can help refine your campaign strategies, reducing money spent per ad.

Increase Credibility

Landing pages solves a specific problem for their customer. As the content is targeted towards understanding and providing a solution to resolve their issues they are more likely to trust you. Testimonials further increase your business credibility, highlighting the past success of your product or service.

Positive First Impression

It takes 2.6 seconds for a user to leave an impression of your website. Landing pages are simple and value-packed, appealing to the customers resulting in them switching from a reader to a customer.

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Services Provided

User-centric design

Our focus is on attracting attention by creating visually appealing elements that make your customers want to read more. Focusing on contrasting colors, free of visual clutter, simple formatting, catchy brand logos, testimonials, and simple call to actions.

Mobile Responsive

Over half of all Google searches come from mobile devices. Acquision designs landing pages that are resolution-responsive to all phones and tablets, creating an excellent user experience, increasing the chance of a conversion.

Landing Page Copywriting

The words on your landing page are the first thing your audience pays attention to and the last thing they read before making a decision. Acquision writes enticing messages to help your audience understand your brand story, value, and product and service that you offer. Increasing their chance of taking action and converting to a sale.

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Our Process
Step 1.


We begins researching your business. Developing ad groups and keywords that fit your topic or focus.

Buyer Persona is a representation of your ideal client. Based on market research and current customer data, developing clear insights into how your customer thinks and their behaviors.

Offer is some created by your business that provides value to your website visitors, often targeting a particular pain point of your buyer persona. These offers include a free e-book, cheat sheets, guide, or webinar that increases the credibility of your business.

The Buyer’s journey is the process that potential buyer goes through that leads up purchasing or finding the solution.

The consideration stage is when the prospect has defined their problem but wants a method to solve it.

The decision stage is when they know the solution strategy but they are trying to narrow down their choices between companies.

Step 2


After developing an idea of the buyer’s process and persona, we begin designing and writing the content of the landing pages.

Creating a compelling headline to capture your visitor’s attention. Convey value of your offer throughout the development of your landing page. Including bullet points, forms, and summaries to keep the reader engaged, intrigued, providing a preview of what is coming, enticing them to convert.

Step 3

Call To Action

Developing Call To Action in key areas of your landing page, that resonates with the current content, prompting them to take action. Whether it’s an email opt-in, sales purchase, or scheduling a consultation. We strategically places Call To Actions to increase customer conversions.

Step 4

Monitor & Optimize

Once the landing page is up and running, we continue to monitor the progress and success of the landing page using a 3rd party heatmap tools. Paying attention to trends and significant events that may affect performance and conversion rate.

Making little changes to the copy, form, or images to see what converts better.

Landing Pages are meant to promote a specific action you want a user to take. We helps to improve your brand image and trust, differentiating your business from your competitors.

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5 star review from Buubees singapore

I have been extremely impressed with the digital marketing campaigns run by Acquision. Their strategies have truly exceeded my expectations, resulting in a 4x increase in sales for my business. Their team is professional, knowledgeable, and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure our campaigns are a success. I highly recommend Acquision for anyone looking to boost their online presence and drive more sales.

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5 star review from Buubees singapore

I couldn't be happier with the results that Acquision has delivered for my business. Their digital marketing campaigns have not only generated a significant increase in sales, but also a 3x increase in the number of leads. The team at Acquision is incredibly skilled and knowledgeable, and they have been able to create highly effective campaigns that have helped me reach my target audience and grow my customer base.

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5 star review from Buubees singapore

Being a noob in SEO & SEM, Ian have been super patient and provided us with strong support in assisting us to navigate our digital marketing strategies. It is imperative for the team to understand the mentality & needs of the client & pass this info forward. Although there were a few changes of hands throughout the years, Ian has been around since day 1 when we met up with the team. He has been extremely helpful and we are grateful for his assistance within & beyond his scope of work. Kudos to the team!

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