How Do I Start Marketing on Google Ads in Singapore?

May 2, 2023

Who better to advertise your business than the world’s most popular search engine? Singaporeans overwhelmingly choose Google — and it’s where they look for the products and services they need right now.

The Google Ads platform gives you the power to connect with your future customers immediately. While Google Ads pricing in Singapore is relatively high, you can expect a great return on investment with the right marketing strategy.

What Is Google Ads? How Do Google Ads Work?

Google Ads — originally called Google Adwords — is the most accessible, efficient, and affordable way to let millions of potential customers know about your business.

No matter what kind of business you run, you can bet that around 95 percent of your customers use Google as their daily search engine. Singaporeans don’t need to be reminded to “just Google it.” They trust Google to connect them with everything they need — including your products and services.

Google Ads grab your future customers’ attention whenever they use search for relevant keywords about your business. Google Ads may be a global powerhouse, but its results are highly targeted. It uses a Pay-per-Click (PPC) model to maximize your return on investment — only the most relevant leads will click on your Google Ad, and you only pay when they do. 

What’s more, Google allows marketers to set a maximum bid for a specific keyword. Your ad is placed if Google estimates your cost per click to be equal to or less than your maximum bid. If the Google ads pricing is higher than you’re willing to pay, your ad won’t be placed.

A Look at the Types of Google Ad Campaigns

Some people think that Google Ads are limited to the paid search results we’re all familiar with. However, business owners in Singapore can choose from a variety of different campaigns:

  • Google Ads search campaigns are sponsored search results that exclusively target relevant leads. 
  • Google Ads display campaigns bring your ad to relevant third-party websites.
  • Google Shopping ads connect you with shoppers in Singapore by visually showcasing your products.
  • Google Ads video campaigns show your ad to YouTube viewers in Singapore.
  • Your ads may also appear on third-party apps in Google’s network. This is called an app campaign.

Are Google Ads Worth It?

Will Google Ads get you the results you want? That depends on your goal. 

However, let’s look at it this way. When it comes to product research, we turn to search engines more often than any other method — including social media, customer reviews, price comparison sites, apps, or microblogs. Singapore’s highly-connected population almost always chooses Google.

Your Google Ads appear instantly and give you a traffic boost right away. Even though Google only shows your ad to people looking for your services, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. Furthermore, Google allows you to track your results meticulously.

Google Ads aren’t guaranteed to work — but they can bring quality leads, drive sales, build brand awareness, and help you outsmart your competition. Google ads generally offer a high return on investment. For each dollar you spend, you’ll likely get at least two back (and sometimes more). However, your Google Ads results depend on the quality of your strategy and ad campaign.

What Factors Impact Google Ads Pricing in Singapore?

Google Ads pricing in Singapore (your cost per click, or CPC) depends on a range of factors, including:

  • The location of your target audience. The market in Singapore is small and highly competitive. Singaporean businesses can expect a higher CPC than US companies in the same field.
  • Your industry. Businesses in the clothing, arts and entertainment, and restaurant fields have a low CPC for Google Ads compared to those in finance, insurance, real estate, and legal services, for example.
  • The state of the economy. Factors like inflation can impact Google Ads cost in Singapore.
  • Your overall marketing strategy. Excellent marketing and SEO strategies can make your Google Ad campaign more effective. The Google Ads bidding system also prioritizes quality websites with helpful content.

How well you manage your Google Ads account. Your Google Ads campaigns should be relevant, up-to-date, and optimized regularly for the best results. Track your performance and make adjustments as necessary.

How to Make Google Ads Work for Your Business in Singapore

It is possible to get started with marketing on Google Ads on your own. Still, your return on investment is often higher if you choose to work with a seasoned Google Ads agency in Singapore.

Working with a digital marketing agency in Singapore can lead to much better and effective results than hiring an inhouse marketer or a freelance from overseas. An experienced Google Ads agency understands the local market, after all.

A well-designed marketing campaign hits all the right spots:

  • Your Google Ads should contain highly-relevant keywords and include local terms relevant to Singapore in your target audience. 
  • Google Ads should convey your brand’s core message and instill trust in future customers.
  • Google Ads that contain a clear call to action (CTA) are the most effective.

Hiring a Google Ads agency in Singapore to design your ad campaign helps to ensure that your target audience doesn’t just see your ad, but also clicks on it — by conducting thorough market research and writing an ad that hits home.

How to Start Marketing with Google Ads in Singapore

Singapore businesses ready to start marketing their products or services on Google Ads can get started quite quickly. 

However, you’ll want to conduct keyword research before setting your ad up. The Google Keyword Planner makes this easy:

  • Visit the Google Keyword Planner and sign in with your Google Ads account, ensuring that your business information is correct and up-to-date.
  • Navigate to “Discover new keywords” and enter a range of keywords related to the product want to promote.
  • Your results show you new keywords, how competitive they are, their monthly search volumes, their ad impression share, and their low and high bids.

Exploring the Google Keyword Tool allows you to determine your Google Ad pricing in Singapore and discover the best keywords to reach your target audience.

Once you know what keywords to target, you can set your Google Ad Campaign up. Here’s how:

  • Ensuring that you are signed into your Google account, navigate to the Google Ads page and sign in with your Google Ads account. Verify that your business information is correct.
  • Choose your advertising goal — sales, leads, traffic, brand awareness, app promotion, and more.
  • Choose your target audience. You can limit this to Singapore or widen your radius to include Malaysia.
  • Let Google Ads know which language you will be advertising in — English, Malay, Tamil, or Mandarin. Specify your industry and the products or services you will promote via Google Ads.
  • Write your ad. 
  • Set your budget, choose your currency, and review your choices before confirming.

Google Ads in Singapore: How to Maximize Your ROI

Google Ads is a flexible ad platform that can instantly connect you with your future customers, allowing you to boost traffic, gain relevant leads, drive sales, and build brand awareness. 

Google Ads pricing in Singapore depends on your industry and the keywords you target. Still, it has the potential to bring you an excellent return on investment.

Having said that, profit is never guaranteed. If you are new to Google Ads, working with a Google Ads marketing agency in Singapore is an excellent option. An experienced marketing agency can conduct market and keyword research to ensure your ads hit a home run.

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